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Customer Experience – Drowning In a Sea of Sameness?

Customer Experience – Drowning in a sea of sameness? It’s time to get emotionally connected in order to improve customer service – read our white paper.

Customer Experience: we’ve all been there. Stopped in your tracks, let down, made to frown. Passed from Pilar to Paul, faceless, nameless agents blocking your way with the same old lines, hands tied by red tape process.

It’s no surprise that even the prospect of picking up the phone is enough to get anyone’s pulse racing. Frustrated.

Imagine, then, being on the receiving end of those frustrated customers, day-in-day-out.

The digital world is making us more connected and more demanding than ever before. In a consumer-driven age where you can swipe right for a new husband, or tap twice to turn on your heating, we all want easy access to great service – and we want it now.

As a business, it’s a difficult landscape to navigate.

As a customer-centric brand, you’re caught in stormy waters.

You’ve invested in technology and advertising to help you make promises to your customers. You have apps for convenience, algorithms for activity, data for decisions. But, when things go wrong, it’s down to your people to keep the promises technology can’t keep.

To help your customers, you need to invest in your people. Your front-line need a life-line.

The good news is we’re wired to be social, and we crave connection. That’s why we believe in a brighter future for Customer Experience. A future where robots enable us and humans delight us.

Forward-thinking organisations see things differently too. They’re bringing their front-line people closer to the heart of their business.

A new wave of ‘Human Connection Centres’ are being nurtured. The best service brands are evolving customer ‘life-support’ systems that create emotional connections, strengthen bonds of loyalty, and do so in a way that’s unique to their brand.

‘Human Connection Centres’ unshackle your people from the binds of process. Your employees are empowered to provide straightforward resolutions to your customers’ problems. Simply put, they are free to do their job. Sorted.

Here, your managers are more than managers, and your employees are more than employees. They are a seamless team of life-savers and coaches, working together for your customers.

The result is a host of ambassadors that your brand can be proud of.

It’s time to get emotionally connected. To connect with your employees, connect with your customers – and get your brand’s heart beating again.

Want to learn more? Read our white paper.