If EX + LXP = CX, solve for X.

If EX + LXP = CX, solve for X… wait!? Why is a next-generation employee engagement agency talking algebra? Read to discover the formula that can change the world of work!

If EX + LXP = CX, solve for X.

Why is a Next-generation employment agency focused on making the world of work better writing algebra formula? How is this changing people behaviours, apart from reawakening school age fears about maths and algebra? 

Quite simply, this is formula that drives us to create solutions that can change the world of work.

It defines how organisations can build an exceptional employee experience (EX) by creating an interactive Learning Experience (LX) to equip them with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to deliver an amazing customer experience (CX) , by truly understanding their customers wants and needs. 

But in this simple equation lies the richness, depth, desire and passion that companies want to tap into, the things that make human beings unique – our insatiable curiosity and need to progress and this is the hidden seam of gold when we talk about Human Capital. 

But does it work in the real world?

Companies such as DHL Express and Toyota regularly appear in the Top 10 of the Great Places to Work tables. Why? Well, they have worked with a range of partners and developed learning programmes that tap into this ‘seam of gold’ using a range of blended learning. Their solutions are both digital and analogue, from VR/AR tools used by engineers to learn how to be able to pull apart a gear box, to experiential learning environments such as Escape Rooms to model behaviours. Linking all of these initiatives are learning programmes that bring people together, not just to learn but to build supportive networks that help them thrive.

So, it’s all working then?

But since March, those learning programmes and networks have been disrupted by COVID 19 – through furloughs, shutdowns and social distancing. Governments are now loosening the restrictions and are beginning to see shops, high streets and other businesses open back up, step by step. And as employees come back into their new normal, they are challenged with having to learn a new range of skills to interact with customers. Security guards must learn customer service skills to ensure that safety of customers and employees; retail employees must enforce social distancing whilst still giving customers the ability to interact with their products and cleaning teams become the new front line in stores. 

Organisations can accelerate the speed of recovery to build the new normal by giving employees access to learning these new skills in fast and simple ways, created from the perspective of what employees really need. These programmes have to be practical, relevant and accessible so that they can learn at their pace, at a time that suits them and offers a framework that they can relate to, to give them confidence in their changing roles. 

So, what does this have to do with algebra?

The connection is the rollout of an LXP – a learning experience platform that supercharges learning for the 21st century and that needs to be: 

1. Blended – harness the best of different learning approaches to suit learners’ style. 

2. Micro/Bitesize – little and often to increase the retention and recall of information. 

3. Personalised – rooted in the reality of the learner. 

4. Simple – easy to access and easy to engage with such as an App. 

5. When I want it, not when you want it – adult learners want to feel in charge of their own learning & development. 

6. For a purpose – there needs to be a strong reason as to how it will benefit them. 

7. Results driven – people need to see that they are making progress and what’s more, organisations need to see that their investment is worthwhile.

8. Scalable – we need to do all of this for the largest and sometimes most remote workforces on the planet.

That’s the new normal in Learning and Development and is the cornerstone of NKD Player, our LXP partnership with StoryShare Learn. You can find out more about StoryShare by clicking here

Have we solved for X

Yes and no, as is different and bespoke for every client we work with. But we know that LXP’s will be one of the drivers for reaching the new normal for organisations, fast.

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