Living in a digital age: 5 top tips to unplug and reconnect

Living in a digital age: 5 top tips to unplug and reconnect 

It’s safe to say that the pandemic has hugely increased our dependency on technology making it difficult to unplug and reconnect. With numerous lockdowns, many of us became completely reliant on online shopping, remote working, home workouts and video calls in order to try and carry on with our day-to-day lives as best we could. 

During the pandemic, as I’m sure many others did, I found myself glued to a screen constantly – starting the day with a home workout on Instagram, then moving to my laptop for the 8-hour working day and spending the rest of my downtime on my phone so that I could maintain some level of interaction with family and friends. As a result, I noticed a huge increase in headaches, a decrease in energy and motivation, struggled to sleep and found it almost impossible to turn off.

So now that all restrictions are being lifted in the UK, how do we adapt to yet another new normal, put down the screens that we’ve become so dependent on and start to reconnect with the world?

1. Get outside and seize the day!

It’s tempting to want to lie in when working from home but try setting that alarm and getting out before the working day starts. Whether that’s going for a walk, a workout, or getting a coffee, those brief interactions can help before sitting in front of your screen all day.

2. Be more present 

Now that we can see colleagues, friends, and family again, turn your phone off when you get together, or if that seems too daunting, turn off notifications so you’re free from distractions and really make the time to reconnect.

3. Focus on one thing at a time 

We’ve all been there where we’ve tried to multitask in the background of our various Teams or Zoom meetings. Flicking between tasks and screens whilst trying to listen in and contribute can leave us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Try instead to reduce this digital overload by focusing on one task at a time. 

4. Utilise your breaks

Step away from the screen and think of your breaks from work as a break from technology. Try giving your eyes a rest and using your breaks to do other things. Pick up a book, go for a walk with a friend or colleague, or if you’re working from home, try putting some music on and take the time to get things done around the house! Any break from your screen will leave you feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the afternoon.

5. Go to a physical shop rather than ordering online

Whilst online shopping is convenient and has been completely transformed during the pandemic, if you feel comfortable in doing so, try making the effort to go out and buy what you need in an actual shop. Seeing the items, interacting with people in the shops and getting out the house can make a world of difference.

So even though there are certainly many benefits to living in a digital age, it’s important we take breaks to unplug, recharge and get back to having those face-to-face interactions.    

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