New Decade, New me

At the start of the new year we take time to set intentions, and at a start of a new decade the pressure for a personal transformation can be even greater. It seems this isn’t just the case for individuals but businesses too as we found out with one of Europe’s biggest travel companies.

Personally, I don’t need a totally new me, just to brush up on the existing me.

So, I’m approaching the new decade with renewed energy. So far so good, but how do you keep it up? 

My goal is to be more connected. So far, so good. I’m making more time for friends and loving it. But how do you continue to love well?

And I want to continue to grow this decade. I’m still working this bit out. How do you continue to grow up when you’re already in your 40s?

Energising a European travel company

We’re working with a big European travel company who want to help their diverse workforce with a similar set of questions. How do you create an energising and inclusive working environment where people continuously learn and grow? 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by your new year intentions, let alone your new decade intentions. Life can get in the way. Old habits can get in the way. Old mindsets can get in the way.

Perhaps the answer to keeping your energy up, staying connected and learning more lies in adopting some small but significant habits or tasks. Taking action when a thought arises, before moving onto the next distraction. 

Here’s some posters we’re developing for the client that aim to give their people some simple tips and some encouragement to prioritise energy, inclusion and growth as they stride forth into the new decade. 

Let us know what you think of them – they’re yet to be released, so we’d love to get some feedback before they go live!

For our client, the poster campaign is part of a broader effort to support their people in maintaining positive mental health and wellness. 

There’ll be more of this thinking as we go through the 20s. Business have a higher focus on mental health and in the UK it’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “mental health emergency”. How people feel matters. At work, looking after the energy and wellness of our teams is good for them and good for business. It’s part of what it means for leaders in the 20s to “do the right thing”.

The new decade may not mean “a new me” for everyone but a new mindset for leaders that focuses on doing the right thing and striving for energy, inclusion and growth in their business will pay off.

We’re pretty sure with that mindset, the 20s will get brighter and brighter.