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‘Raconteur’ – Employee Engagement & Benefits

NKD were featured in The Times newspaper discussing employee engagement, something we have a lot to say about! Read our feature about why it pays to engage.

Last week, NKD was featured in the Raconteur supplement of The Times newspaper. The spotlight focus of last week’s issue was Employee Engagement & Benefits, which we, of course, had a lot to say about. Our advertorial, written by our CEO, Sue, discusses why it ‘pays to engage’.

“Great managers make people feel great. Leaders either light up a room when they enter or the room lights up when they leave. The fact is great leaders create physiological changes in people and it’s these emotional responses that motivate people to want to do well themselves.

When we work with clients, we’re all about infusing people with enthusiasm, reconnecting the brand to its people so their people can reconnect positively with customers, putting the brand’s values at the heart of all customer and employee activity…Sure, there is a serious side of human resources, and there are important policies and processes that matter, but after this we believe engagement is about how brightly you can make your employees’ eyes shine.”

What comes through strongest is the importance of engaging your employees on an emotional level. Too many researchers complicate the question of engagement, but we have found that in reality, it’s pretty simple: we are all human.

According to our human biology, we are hard wired to act with emotions first; humans react emotionally to stimuli long before they’ve had time to think about it – within a 200th of a second. We only get to reacting to something with actual thought by a 20th of a second.

This is how your customers and your employees respond when they interact with your organisation.

To find out more about how we help organisations to emotionally engage and inspire their people, read the full advertorial here.

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