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Reflecting on Black History Month 2020

This year we had a goal, create a campaign built around three aims, to Remember, to Honour and to Inspire. Here’s our reflection on Black History Month.

Reflecting on Black History Month 2020

October is Black History month in the UK, we felt that this year it was more important than ever to really celebrate some amazing Black British Figures. We wanted to build a campaign built around three aims: to Remember, to Honour and to Inspire.

It’s been a huge year for the Civil Rights movement and there has been a massive amount of momentum behind the Black Lives Matter movement, and the public have put pressure on their governments and law-makers – demanding equality, all around the world. To truly make progress in society, we must learn from the past. Let’s all take the time to look back and see what has happened before us. It is because of these brave, amazing, resilient people we live in the world which we do today. There is more work to be done until we live in a truly equal society but thanks to these incredible figures – we’re closer to that. 

Sadly, the contributions from BAME members of society can often be overlooked. We wanted to create a campaign which really celebrated the amazing achievements and contributions from some lesser known figures in Black British History. From soldiers, to scientists, activists to artists and models to musicians. 

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