World Humanitarian Day 2021

World Humanitarian Day 2021

World Humanitarian Day, celebrated on August 19th every year, was designated by the United Nations to celebrate those people who have dedicated their lives to humanitarian causes. It is also a day of remembrance for all those lives that have been sacrificed for the benefit of humanity.

We organised a film screening and discussion at our office in London, aimed at shedding light on the incredible work of humanitarians around the world. We organised this event before the developing and urgent crisis in Afghanistan and the devastating earthquake in Haiti; two events which have shaken the world and rely on the efforts of Humanitarians to bring innocent people to safety.

With this in mind, it felt more important than ever to highlight the work of humanitarians but also to raise awareness for both these causes. We shared a number of powerful short films which focus on the work of humanitarians and the struggle of refugees.

We started by exploring “Why World Humanitarian day and why do we celebrate it?”

The next film is by Choose Love, and was an incredibly powerful representation of what life is like for a refugee.

We then watched another film by Choose Love which shows how just two people, with a mission can change the world.

And finally, how the 2021 Olympic Refugee team brought together incredible people under one cause at the 2021 Olympics…

Ways to help the people of Afghanistan:

We urge everyone to email your MP – Safe Passage makes it easy to email your MP to encourage the government to do all it can to support refugees fleeing the Taliban: Click here.

Below are links to charities committed to helping the people of Afghanistan:

International rescue committee (IRC)

UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

The Refugee Council 

Organizations accepting donations for the Haiti Earthquake:

SOIL Emergency Response

Hope for Haiti

Humanity & Inclusion 

These lists only scrape the surface of the incredible charities and organisations tirelessly working to help.

We love to support grassroots and community lead charities and initaitives, so please feel free to get in touch if you belong to, or support a charity and you think our causes could align.