One Big Family

Meet the team…

  • Diana Dimofte
    Diana Dimofte Project Lead
  • Colin Hung
    Colin Hung Creative Artworker
  • Sara de Castela
    Sara de Castela Senior Creative Lead
  • Sandy Willoughby
    Sandy Willoughby Consulting Director
  • Stephanie Wickers
    Stephanie Wickers Project Lead
  • Samantha Hammond
    Samantha Hammond Management Accountant
  • Sue Stoneman
    Sue Stoneman CEO
  • Derek Danquah
    Derek Danquah Business and Communications Executive
  • Alice Johnson
    Alice Johnson Senior Project Lead
  • Adeline Tudara
    Adeline Tudara Studio Manager
  • Arkin Salih
    Arkin Salih People and Operations Director
  • Asia Ciesla
    Asia Ciesla Digital Lead
  • Bella and Oli
    Bella and Oli Office Companions
  • Charlotte Elsey
    Charlotte Elsey Project Lead
  • David Colgate
    David Colgate Content and Innovation Director
  • Jorge Vafeas
    Jorge Vafeas Consultant
  • Laura Cracknell
    Laura Cracknell Marketing Manager
  • Laurence Bishop
    Laurence Bishop CFO
  • Magda Forrest
    Magda Forrest Customer Experience Manager
  • Marine Joigneault
    Marine Joigneault Head of Design
  • Mark Singleton
    Mark Singleton Consulting Director Quality
  • Michael Faulkner
    Michael Faulkner Managing Director
  • Natasha Odoi
    Natasha Odoi Project Lead
  • Sam Thomas
    Sam Thomas Senior Creative Lead