NKD Reviews: We Are the Champions

What does Netflix’s We Are the Champions have to do with NKD? More than you think! Jorge shares his opinion on what they have in common…

NKD Reviews: We Are the Champions

What does Netflix’s We Are the Champions have to do with NKD? More than you think! 

I am a naturally competitive person. 

If I’m walking next to you on the street, you can bet I’m imagining us in a race, and I will walk faster to beat you! 

When I was younger, I used to race my sister when we were brushing out teeth!

When out to dinner with my partner, I’ll proudly read the menu quickly and announce, “I know what I’m getting!” before he’s even finished perusing the appetizers. 

So, last month, when Netflix released We Are the Champions, I was in heaven!

We Are the Champions is a documentary series that takes you backstage of some of the most eccentric world championship events. We meet people who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of dog dancing, chilli eating, fantasy hairstyling, frog jumping and yoyoing; the UK’s own Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling event is the first event featured on the show. 

Over the course of each 30-minute episode, you see the lead up to the event, meeting both the organizers and competitors; you get a glimpse of the traditions and training regimes; but most importantly, you get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that these unique individuals have found what they love to do, found others who love to do it, and have built a community of like-minded people to enjoy it with it. 

The passion and drive these people have for their chosen event is exactly what we help create with our work at NKD… but that’s not where I’m going with this edition of NKD Reviews. 

So, where am I going with this?

A couple of us recommended the series, not knowing that others had already seen it – the subject matter, style and approach, and overall look and feel spoke to most of us at NKD.

Being ‘three agencies under one roof’, we are so proud of the high-quality creative that houses our incredible learning and content. We know that having amazing creative is part of the recipe for creating engaging work. 

Among other things, it’s our creative design principles that are so present in We Are the Champions. 

Working within the brand guidelines of our client, our creative aesthetic follows threes principles:

Current: we make sure all our creative work feel fresh and contemporary. We take creative inspiration from all kinds of creative media – photography, graffiti, Instagram, print media, TikTok, typography, advertisements, film and TV; there’s a reason it’s popular, and that’s a reason worth investigating and replicating!

Quirky: at NKD, quirky doesn’t mean odd or unusual; it means bold, innovative and fun; it’s smirk you get when you’re in on the joke. We always try to do the unexpected to surprise and delight our clients and their employees. 

Clever: does the creative tell a story or have a message that ties it all together? Is there a visual metaphor or design element that makes you sigh and involuntarily make a chef’s kiss when you see it? That’s NKD clever creative design! 

You could be forgiven for thinking NKD produced We Are the Champions because each episode overflows with quirkiness, cleverness, and current-ness! From the filming style to production design, from slow-motion visuals coupled with operatic music to the filmed portraits that conclude every episode, We Are the Champion itself takes a creative first prize!  

So, if you want your solution to be so creative it could be mistaken for being world-champion, get in touch with us… and in the meantime… I’ll see you at the finish line!  

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