NKD 360

NKD 360

What is it? 

NKD 360 is NKD’s digital measurement tool. We believe that every hour, minute or second you spend communicating, developing or engaging your people, is (or should be) useful time that’s helping to shift thinking, change behaviour and transform performance. While with any NKD solution the return on investment is visible in the eyes of the learner (their eyes are shining), we also want to use tangible data to show the impact it’s having.

Why does it work?

Because everything we do is bespoke, we bespoke your measurement so that the reliability and validity of the data is as accurate as it can be and providing data that you can actually do something with. We plan to utilise our measurement tool up front with you so you know what, when, how, how often and why we are measuring something.

Our approach is through using ‘feedback loops’ and we ensure that all stages are actioned in turn: plan, measure, analyse, action, implement, review (and repeat). 

Finally the magic of NKD measurement is translating it into real world language and meaningful action plans that managers, supervisors and teams can do something with, to get real lasting results and continuous improvements. 

What is it good for?

NKD 360 is a measurement tool that we tailor to your business and it has the capability to: 

  • Measure whether individual solutions / interventions  / programmes are having an impact and provide meaningful data for continuous improvement 
  • A 360° feedback tool so leaders and managers can get valuable feedback about their performance (tailored to your own leadership standards) 
  • Collect employee engagement data 
  • Opinion and pulse surveys 
  • Measure employee experience and impact on customer experience 

Unlike other survey and measurement tools, NKD 360 can be branded in your colours, and we can tailor the questions and language to fit the need of your culture and audience.