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Deskless workers: workplace wellbeing for all

Boston Consulting Group recently conducted a survey that revealed that 37% of deskless workers are at risk of leaving their jobs in the next six months, and 50% attributed this to a lack of ‘work-life’ balance.

Deskless workers play a vital role in every business, so how do we ensure we are supporting and promoting their wellbeing?

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Creating a truly inclusive workplace culture every month of the year

It feels like LinkedIn is currently full of articles around pride season and celebrating the diversity of our teams – though the flip side of this is the acknowledgement that as organisations we need to avoid “inclusivity washing”.

Explore what we do here at NKD to work towards creating a truly inclusive workplace every month of the year.

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Happy male and female staff interacting with each other in warehouse. This is a freight transportation and distribution warehouse. Industrial and industrial workers concept

Future proofing the supply chain frontline

NKD has been working with a world-leading pallet and container pooling company, who are the backbone of the supply chain industry, to develop a learning program that enables their global supply chain leaders to lead their teams effectively in this unpredictable and fast-moving environment.

Want to know how we did it?

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Deskless workers: The importance of digital learning and development

In an industry of increasing churn, improving your organisations digital capabilities can be the key to improving learning and development.

Want to find out why?

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The essential role of deskless workers in every business

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced environment, prioritising frontline workers is essential, not just for society at large, but for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Read this article to discover 4 key areas for employers to focus on to improve the lives of deskless employees.

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The benefits of psychological safety at work

By removing interpersonal fear and welcoming workplace vulnerability, leaders can set the whole tone for an organisation’s culture. Because when you invest in psychological safety, you invest in your people and your organisation.

Check out our new infographic and see how psychological safety can benefit your business…

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Making DEI a strategic focus at work

It’s important to understand what a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace looks like and what it means to foster this environment for your company. Just understanding their definitions is not enough to instil a culture that represents a range of needs and identities.

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Why psychological safety is as important as physical safety

So, let’s get connected to the reality of psychological safety. Why is it important? And why does it pay to prioritise psychological safety at work?

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Ramadan Kareem: how to support your friends and colleagues this Ramadan

The 22nd of March 2023 marks the beginning of Ramadan, a holy month observed by millions of Muslims around the world.

Sondos shares some top tips how to support your team during Ramadan.

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