Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

What is it?

A virtual classroom is an online workshop that allows live interaction between the facilitator and the participants. In true NKD style there’s theatre, interaction, colour and creativity. Our unique approach to virtual classrooms means that everything is still branded in our customers’ brand, we incorporate film, engaging activities, on-screen games and quizzes as well as breakout rooms providing opportunity for group work or individual reflection and coaching.

Why does it work?

It works because NKD apply the same design principles to virtual learning as they do for their traditional workshops. 

Simple – simple messaging that allows for retention and recall of learning. 

Social – people can see and hear each other and interact through games, activities, group discussion & breakouts.

Stretching – we provide stretch for the learner ensuring everyone walks away with those critical lightbulb moments.

Real – the session is bespoke to the audience, routed in the reality of your people both in content and branding. 

What is it good for?

Virtual classrooms create brilliant learning experiences and make connections with other learners when it is not possible to be in the same room together. It’s also a great way to provide short bitesize learning to get people ready for classroom training or to sustain the momentum once they have left. Whether you’re separated by geography or circumstance, our participants tell us that they feel a close personal connection to my fellow participants with this style of virtual classroom.