NKD REVIEWS: arcade-style role-play simulation games

Jorge tried running a diner, working as a flight attendant, being the boss of a television network and managing a hotel… So what did he learn about his real job?

During the UK lockdown, in an effort to take a break from my laptop screen and TV screen… I downloaded a number of arcade-style role-play simulation games and played them on my mobile screen! 

I’ve tried my hand at running a dinerbeing a flight attendantbeing the boss of a television network and managing a hotel.

I’m happy to report that I’ve now found my feet managing a hotel and that my career as a receptionist (named Monica) and a bellboy (named Ted) is going quite well! Thanks for asking!

Grand hotel mania image

It all started by managing the Golden Apple (a classic American-style hotel), and since then, I’ve been promoted and have run the Re’grata (a hotel dripping in European opulence), the Paradise Bay (a gorgeous tropical getaway) and now, I’m in charge of the Silver Pike (a luxury ski resort).

Each new location has brought with it its own challenges. In addition to checking guests in and out of the hotel and delivering room service and cleaning rooms, I’ve had to…

  • Arrange taxis for departing guests at the Re’grata
  • Run a tropical themed bar and ensure guests were given a lei when they arrived at the Paradise Bay
  • And now, have a roaring fire ablaze at all times to thaw out guests when they come in from the cold at the Silver Pike

So, what has this little game and my pretend job reminded me about my real job?

Remember your goals – you can’t do it all!

  • What the game does… to pass each stage, there are certain goals you have to achieve – whether it’s to make a certain amount of money, serve the guests quickly or match the guest to the right room. 
  • What I’ve learned… it’s only by focusing on the specific goal that I can pass through to the next stage. When, for example, I try and do two things at once, like serving guests quickly whilst trying to match them to the right coloured room, I inevitably fail the stage.  
  • What I’m reminded to do back at work… think about what I need to do to achieve my goals and focus on that, rather than trying to do it all!

Think about the bigger picture and have a plan

  • What the game does…throughout the game, I’ve been able to upgrade various different things in my hotels – whether it’s the food, cleaning products, reception area or rooms. After each stage, the game suggests an upgrade.
  • What I’ve learned… when I started playing the game, I wasn’t getting very far as I just upgraded whenever the game told me to do so – I thought the whole thing was a scam to make me buy extra diamonds! Now I have learnt to save my money and diamonds (both needed to buy upgrades) and make bigger upgrades in order to pass through the stages quicker.
  • What I’m reminded to do back at work… I have realised that whilst my short-term goals are important, my long-term vision and my plan of how to get there is even more important! 

Now, obviously the work we do at NKD is more complex than just tapping on a mobile screen, but the connections I’ve made between the skills I need to succeed in the game and in my work life highlight that learning can happen anywhere and anytime. This is why NKD is investing in NKD Player, in order to continue to create learning and performance apps that bring people together in virtual classrooms for virtual/augmented reality learning.

If this sounds like something you want to explore, then drop us a line!

… in the meantime, the guest in room 302 is waiting for his cheese fondue, so I got to dash!