Customer service

Designing service standards, behaviours and service skills training.

Why it’s needed

Often customer service programmes prescribe a set of behaviours, which although important, don’t tap into the underlying attitude of service. Our Customer Service solutions centres on an attitude that is passionate about providing a great service to customers, making their day and turning them into loyal advocates. 

Participants will learn and develop skills to
  • Define and develop service standards, customer service skills and behaviours
  • Workshops that tap into the attitude of service
  • Identify service at its best, and not at its best
  • Find a passion for customer service and making someone’s day
  • See case studies and get practical tools surrounding service recovery
Virgin Atlantic

Customer service is the hallmark of the Virgin Atlantic brand – how do you keep it fresh and relevant while simultaneously shifting customer satisfaction?

Who would benefit from this training

Customer Service solutions are ideal if you have a new brand, new service or need to re-invigorate your teams around your customer service ethos, standards and behaviours. We don’t only build confidence and competence when it comes to delivering great service. We excite and engage your team so that they become your biggest customer service ambassadors – and your greatest marketing asset. 

Why does it work

Service is emotional! A product can be copied but your unique customer service style cannot. In today’s competitive landscape customers are swamped with choice and making buying decisions based on their emotional connection with a brand or business. The connection you make with your customer through the service you deliver is the only thing standing between the customer’s decision to buy, buy again and tell other people to buy too.

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