Sales and product training

Knowing how to sell products and services in ways to benefit customers and build loyalty.

Why it’s needed

You’ve invested in awesome, shiny new products but it needs that special someone who can bring it to life for your customers. Sales and Product Training helps builds knowledge and excitement so your team members want to help their customers and are hungry for the sale. 

Participants will learn and develop skills to
  • Build excitement about new projects individually and in teams
  • Become your best marketing asset with in-depth product knowledge 
  • Develop customer profiling and personas
  • Understand how to match solutions to customer profiles or types
DHL Express

Engaging and connecting 100,000 employees across 220 countries, in 42 languages, to deliver an unforgettable customer experience.

Who would benefit from this training

Sales and Product Training is perfect for a new product launch, or where sales have dropped and you need to re-invigorate people around your products. This is a perfect solution to get all of your people excited and knowledgeable about your products, helping them to make it easy for customers to buy through employing the right selling techniques. 

Ultimately, we know profit and growth is a result of a great customer experience delivered by highly engaged and knowledgeable team members who know how to sell your product inside and out. 

Why does it work

We buy from people we like, people who care, and people who have taken the time to get to know us and personalise the experience. Living in the ‘age of experience’ people want to feel an emotional connection to brands, products and solutions.

We train your frontline teams, not only to know and understand the product, but to get to know their customers, personalise the experience, tailor their approach and bring products to life through stories that sell. 

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