Facilitation skills and train the trainer

How to manage group dynamics in meetings, training and workshops.

Why it’s needed

If a programme is poorly implemented it’s unlikely to achieve its intended goals or results. 

Facilitation Skills and Train the Trainer programmes upskill your in-house facilitators to deliver specific meetings, learning programmes and workshops to a gold standard. Our coaches give participants the opportunity to practice what they’ve learnt by applying their training skills to a specific topic or product, and we provide intensive coaching and feedback to boost their confidence and competence as facilitators. 

We bring this solution to life by
  • Two face to face or virtual facilitation skills workshops
  • Personalised Train the Trainer/Facilitator programmes (TTF) and product immersions
Who would benefit from this training

Facilitation Skills and Train the Trainer helps to move learners from being passive receivers of information to active participants, even in the virtual space. 

In meeting or workshop settings, effective facilitation creates inclusive team dynamics, getting people to problem-solve together and feel positively energised. The results are far-reaching, leaders change their mindset from ‘directive’ to ‘enabling’, which encourages greater team engagement in the process and higher commitment to the outcomes. This is particularly useful for leaders or people professionals who want to foster behaviour change, culture change or get people on board with new systems or ways of working.

Train the Trainer delivers value beyond the facilitation of learning or engagement programmes. During the Train the Trainer, participants receive deep insight into their personal impact. As a result of the coaching and feedback, they create a more meaningful connection with their work, shifting the way they listen and communicate with their teams.

Why does it work

Facilitation Skills are a must-have for leaders and people professionals because they promote inclusion, participation and feelings of empowerment. This results in higher levels of engagement and commitment among participants meaning that people are more likely to apply what they learn and sustain change because it comes from them. 

Facilitation encourages adult-to-adult connections centred on respect, openness and creative problem solving, which are among the characteristics of transformative and high performing businesses.

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