Inclusion and belonging

Diversity, equity and inclusion definitions, mindsets and behaviours to drive belonging.

What is the solution

Disconnection is on the rise and DEIB initiatives aren’t just falling short – they are driving people further apart. Inclusion and Belonging is designed to make space for better experiences around DEIB. 

We have a mix of strategic solutions with learning tracks for individuals, teams and people leaders including:

  • DEIB Discovery survey
  • DEIB Company maturity assessment
  • Workshops
  • Digital toolkits
  • eLearning with film, animation, activities and self-reflection diagnostic tools
  • Desktop VR-style experience

Every solution is exploratory, rather than instructive. They all appreciate the diversity of thought and experience that each participant brings and encourage respectful and open conversations about DEIB.


Nokia is responding to a changing world. The importance of inclusion and diversity, and the rise of discussions like #MeToo led them to develop the #Respect programme in partnership with NKD.

What is the solution good for

Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging helps you to develop high-trust environments where people feel psychologically safe to talk, listen and learn together to:

  • Appreciate unique differences rather than creating division
  • Develop processes and approaches that ensure everyone has access to the same opportunities
  • Encourage inclusion by fostering a culture of belonging, where differences are valued

This helps in all aspects of work by building trust, learning from all voices and creating room to try new things in safe ways. 

Why does it work

Workplaces are our new communities; people don’t come to work just to do a job anymore, they come to work to belong and be part of something. Yet, 85% of global employees are disengaged at work. Inclusion brings allyship into work. People are able to form genuine bonds with the people they spend most of their time with. Inclusive workplaces feel safe without fear of negative consequences.

Equity brings opportunity to people by removing barriers to success. Opportunity means more people are empowered to reach their potential with teams benefitting from diverse talent.

With diversity comes knowledge. Knowledge gives companies the breadth and depth of information they need to make better decisions for employees and customers.

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