Safety culture

Engaging with physical and psychological safety at work.

Why it’s needed

Who do you stay safe for? Safety Culture gets to the heart of what it means to feel safe at work, whether that be psychologically or physically, and helps businesses to develop and cultivate a behaviour-based safety culture where everyone goes home as safely as they arrived. Designed to supercharge your safety maturity by taking a top-down and bottom-up approach that is anchored in your strategy and complementary to your existing leadership, engagement and safety and wellbeing systems or processes. 

Participants will learn and develop skills to
  • Build a compelling brand and narrative around the ‘why’, ‘what’, and ‘how’ of safety that engages people emotionally and rationally
  • Deep dive into existing systems, processes, ways of working and safety maturity
  • Co-create a communication campaign that excites and engages, providing a vehicle for sharing stories
  • Attend personalised workshops to help leaders feel able to have empathetic safety conversations with their team
  • Develop simple and relatable tools or principles that create consistency, and act as a vehicle for having effective conversations with team members
  • Have the tools to look at individual energy diagnostics, and company wellbeing diagnostics
  • Receive toolkits for individuals, leaders and safety or wellbeing champions
  • Receive eLearning and digital activation helping to drive confidence around having more meaningful messages around safety, in a practical and adult way 
Primary Connect

Explore the scenario based eLearning we developed for Primary Connect, which had a massive 87% retention rate!


Who would benefit from this training

A Safety Culture solution can be designed for leaders, team members and wellbeing or safety champions. 

Your solution will support teams where there are safety issues and low retention and recall of safety-related information. Often we see that this is due to an inconsistent quality of information, that focuses on the ‘rational’ rather than ‘emotional’ level of safety. 

We can help you to increase personal accountability and emotional engagement so that people act safely 100% of the time, until this becomes ‘the way we do things’ around here. This will strengthen the relationships between your teams by building a culture of looking out for each other, ensuring all team members feel comfortable raising ‘at risk’ behaviours. 

Why does it work

A safety culture focuses on the emotional as well as the rational. We ensure our solutions create an atmosphere of psychological safety where there is a base level of inclusion, and people have agency – free to learn, free to fail and free to challenge the status quo. By getting team members involved in continuous improvement and resolving hazards we reframe perceptions around the way performance is managed alongside safety, and empower everyone to reinforce and reward the right safety behaviours that are integral to achieving a safety-based culture. 

Through this training we see teams become more empathetic, resilient and resourceful, with leaders taking a compassionate approach to themselves and their teams.  

This is life-affirming learning content, which genuinely helps people ‘come home better’ from work and access more positive ways of thinking and acting in their whole life.

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