Personal effectiveness

Being at your best every day by understanding emotional intelligence, mastering communication skills and managing competing priorities.

Why it’s needed

What’s keeping you from being at your very best?

Personal Effectiveness begins by honing in on emotional intelligence so that you can understand your emotions and how they affect what you do and how you build relationships with others.

Participants will learn and develop skills to
  • Manage time well and take ownership for the contribution they make
  • Prioritise the tasks, technology and people that are competing for attention
  • Present data and ideas in clear and interesting ways
  • Adopt a growth mindset and practice self-regulation
  • Be empathetic and flexible to change
  • Communicate effectively in a way that increases connection, engagement and collaboration
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Who would benefit from this training

It’s rare that we can say we are born with all the tools we need to be successful. Someone might be brand new to the world of work and need help developing relationships with their manager or colleagues. Or they could be a technical expert struggling to make the transition to managing a project team. Or, a person could just be feeling overwhelmed and unable to decide what really needs to be done first. 

Personal Effectiveness is designed and personalised for individuals at all levels and hones in on their specific needs. We provide the know-how, behaviours and skills that help individuals to focus on the right things at the right time, develop and maintain strong workplace relationships. Which promotes creativity and innovation and supports individuals and businesses to meet their goals. 

Ultimately, we help individuals to gain back control, to think positively about what they can do and then provide tools so that they can put this into practice every day. 

Why does it work

Research tells us that those individuals who consistently demonstrate higher levels of emotional intelligence and greater competence in goal-setting and time management, are positively correlated with higher-performing businesses. 

The challenge, however, will be different to every business or team member. We approach Personal Effectiveness from a place of empathy and focus not just on the skills but on how individuals can take personal responsibility for their contribution. We help individuals recognise that we can all be more effective, we just need a reality check and some self-discipline. 

In short, Personal Effectiveness helps people to get more out of their working day, and that’s why it works.

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