High performing teams

Leveraging individual strengths and styles to drive brilliant team performance.

Why it’s needed

It’s one thing to deliver great results yourself, but to deliver high-performance through others is a masterful skill.

High Performing Teams breaks down the fundamentals of team performance and effectiveness, help you to supercharge your strengths, leverage the different strengths of individuals, celebrate differences and develop your focus areas.

Participants will learn and develop skills to
  • Build trust and strong relationships
  • Optimise each other’s natural strengths at work
  • Understand team dynamics and work more cohesively
  • Develop habits for effective communication
  • Learn together and share helpful feedback
  • Set measurable team objectives that drive accountability
  • Solve problems creatively, build resilience and overcome challenges together
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Who would benefit from this training

We have four generations in the workplace and a war for talent. Leading a team to perform well and effectively is a challenge a lot of leaders face. This solution is great for newly formed teams – even with just one new joiner –  and it’s equally great for teams who have been together a long time but have to rally behind a new strategy or initiative. It works for teams who maybe just need reinvigorating, too. 

High Performing Teams is a great solution for intact teams who want to get real about their strengths and opportunities for improvement because they know that their strength and resilience as a team is what stands between them and great strategy execution and business performance.

Why does it work

Teams that receive strengths-based development achieve 19% increased sales, 29% higher profits, and up to 72% less turnover (Gallup). A team can perform ok with effective individuals in it. What makes a great team even better is when those talented individuals come together, with high levels of trust, authenticity, brave conversation and a focus to deliver against a shared outcome. If one of us fails,we all fail. If one of us wins, we all win!

This solution helps teams have those brave conversations, to move past the superficial, build deep and trusting relationships and to leverage the strengths of every individual towards a common goal.

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