Systems and Compliance Training

Systems and Compliance Training

What is it?

Do you have to ensure your team are complaint or get them familiar with a new or updated system? 

We hear too many times that there’s only one way to train this type of content and most of the time… it’s boring. It’s just a ‘tick box’ exercise. But we don’t believe that. 

We use the same design principles for our systems and compliance training, as we do for all our learning – meaning we create super engaging content that will increase the retention and recall of information by up to 70%.  

For both our systems and compliance training we have experience of doing this in a face to face and a digital/eLearning capacity. We also use screen capture and animation to simulate the real system, so it feels real for your people. 

Why does it work?

With our systems and compliance training we always anchor it in a strong ‘why’ and a ‘what’s in it for me’ to increase the internal motivation for the learner. 

We use a unique three step learning technique called Do, Learn, Test. It means the participant starts ‘Doing’ at the very first stage from a place of no or limited knowledge. A technique that’s proven to increase the learners desire to want to find out the ‘correct’ way of doing it. We then demonstrate the correct way and allow them to practice it again. Whether it’s learning how to apply compliance knowledge or systems training it works every time.  

What is it good for?


  • introducing a new computer system or update 
  • Introducing a new handheld device 
  • Trying to change hearts and minds as well as just teaching the hardware 


  • Companywide compliance training 
  • Training a discrete team a new piece of compliance 
  • SME training