Skilled Listening: why we need to tune in to listening

People spend between 70%-80% of their day engaged in some form of communication, and about 55% of their time devoted to listening. But are the really listening?

In our new blog, we explore what makes a ‘good listener’, the benefits of listening and the impact this can have on the bottom line.

Deskless workers: workplace wellbeing for all

Boston Consulting Group recently conducted a survey that revealed that 37% of deskless workers are at risk of leaving their jobs in the next six months, and 50% attributed this to a lack of ‘work-life’ balance.

Deskless workers play a vital role in every business, so how do we ensure we are supporting and promoting their wellbeing?

LGBTQ+ History Month: Resource Pack

This February, NKD celebrated LGBTQ+ History Month by recognising some of the contributions from the LGBTQ+ community to the production of film and cinema from ‘Behind the Lens’.

Click here to explore our LGBTQ+ History Month Resource Pack…